The Holiday Light Company Advantage

Energy Efficient

We use LED lights and photocell timers in all of our displays, saving you money and keeping your safety our first priority.

When it comes to lights, the vast majority of the population can’t seem to tell the difference. In fact, LED lights have become the norm for everyday household appliances, applauded for their longevity and low energy consumptions. With the combination of these two, HLC light displays are not only brighter but, also cost effective. Our commercial LEDs are made of high grade plastic which will not break unlike incandescent bulbs which will leave broken glass in your lawn and driveway. LEDs also operate at a very low temperature which cuts down the risk of a fire. Also, because of their low energy, lights require less outlets and in turn far less extension cord. Leaving you with a cleaner, more professional display. Let’s break down the numbers.

Incandescent Lighting
For an average 200 foot roofline with a 20 strand tree your total wattage with old style incandescent light bulbs would be about 2,200 watts. That’s like running an oven! To run this display, for 8 hours a day, an entire holiday light season it would cost roughly $120. It also would require multiple outlets.

LED Lighting
If we take the same 200’ roofline and 20 stand tree and plug those numbers, on the flip side, this display now only uses a mere 375 watts. To run this display for 8 hours a day for a season it would cost approximately $20. This display could all be powered on one single outlet.
LED lights are constantly changing and improving. We try our best here at HLC to stay up with those trends and technology.


Everything is Removable

Everything we install is removable, so there will be no evidence our lights were ever there: no holes, nails, screws, and no broken bones!

Everyone knows that a home most likely is the biggest financial investment anyone will make. In the past staples and screws were traditionally used to hang ornaments and holiday decorations. These tactics worked fine for holding the lights but left unwanted holes and hardware behind on your house. Also, in some cases, causing damage to homes. At HLC we only use noninvasive types of fasteners to hold up lights. We have an assortment of clips that have ranges of use from shingles and gutters to brick and windows. All of these clips are removable. After the season ends your house will be as if we were never there.

Consumer based clips that are sold at home improvement stores work well for hanging lights but fall off the bulb or string easily. This makes for a messy and unprofessional holiday light removal process. Here at HLC we have developed and patented a commercial style clip that is stuck between the socket of the strand and the bulb. Ensuring that it all comes down together in a efficient and uniform fashion without leaving clips scattered throughout your yard.



Our displays are rentals, so you have the flexibility to have the same display or different displays every year. Who doesn’t like choices?

We create all of our roofline strands in house. Screwing in and clipping each bulb by hand. This means that there are infinite number of color combinations that are available to you. We have so many different colors to choose from; Classic warm white. The traditional Christmas Red, white and green. Multi colors. Even fun colors such as teal, purple and pink.

As with any rental agreement, you do not own the lights. Although this may seem like a negative, it is far from it. Aside from being able to change your displays yearly, you also not responsible for replacing lights that are damaged or no longer work. Even mid season! All of our upfront prices include any maintenance needed throughout the holiday rental period.